This is a new post to test Pingbacks

So, here we go, testing how pingbacks work. What are pingbacks? They are a form of RSS feed that exists as a tool in WordPress to allow bloggers to notify each other of a new blog post. It is an important tool for online community formation and will hopefully simplify the process of tracking student blogging. If you want the low down on pingbacks WordPress support has more to say on the subject.

What is: Pingback

Using PINGBACKS: The short version is…

1. Tutor posts a blog which includes the task instructions (ensure pingbacks are enabled on the post and your blog site)

2. Tutor emails the URL of the task instructions blog post to the students (don’t send a shortened version of the URL)

3. Students include the URL in their blog assignment (they can just paste it and make it a link anywhere in the post)

4. This generates a PINGBACK which appears in the comment section of the tutor’s blog.

5. The tutor can use the PINGBACK to click through to the student’s blog and add comments/feedback there.


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